Mughal Mocha

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Medium Roast


Region: Chikmagalur, Karnataka

This unique blend produces a complex cacao flavour and is yet surprisingly light and refreshing on the tongue. A super-smooth brew with minimum bitterness and a pleasant finish.

Tasting notes: Juicy body, Rich Aromatic Cacao, Jaggery


The Mughal Empire, founded by Babur who came from modern-day Uzbekistan, is unquestionably the most famous of medie- val Indian Empires. The strength of the Empire stemmed from its ability to become a melting pot of myriad cultures and traditions.
The Mughal Mocha blend, like its name- sake empire, produces a smooth and pleasant brew from a complex interplay of different flavours and aromas. For those who prefer minimum bitterness to their coffee, this refreshing blend is the perfect choice.