Easy Pour / Drip Filter Coffee

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Single serve specialty coffee packaged especially for you. Tear open, place the wings, pour, drip and sip!

At BBR, we understand that time of the essence. With a million things to do in a day, and only 24 hours (minus eight for a good restful sleep) sometimes the luxury of taking your own sweet time brewing your daily dose of caffeine escapes the best of us. Let that not be a hindrance in the way of you and your coffee.

Introducing BBR’s single use drip filter coffee bags, perfect for those days when our schedules run amok and the minutes seem to fly by. Each sachet comes with an in-built filter and ground coffee sealed to preserve freshness. Especially designed for your ease, your comfort and your specialty coffee.No fuss, no equipment. All you have to do is add a little hot water and voila, cafe like coffee in mere seconds is ready for your consumption.



1. Open the sachet and place carefully on the rim of the cup. Then pour 20-30 ml of water to moisten the coffee and allow the gourds to bloom.
2. After around 30 seconds, pour a little more to fill the whole pouch between 120-150ml, be careful to not let any spill over. Allow the coffee to drip. Repeat this process 2-3 more times, adding water commensurate to your taste preference.
3. After you’re done pouring, allow the coffee to steep for a few seconds before discarding the filter. If you like, you can add milk and/or sugar to your brew.
4. Breathe in the heavenly aroma and enjoy!