Madeira : Limited Edition

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Medium Roast

Region: Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Aged in Amrut Single Malt casks the beans produce a full-bodied brew, with notes of spiced rum, honey and a fruity finish, leaving a lingering taste of malt enveloping your tongue.  

Tasting notes: Spiced Rum & Raisin


The world’s highest distillery and the oldest brewery in India was set up in Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh. When the brewery moved to Solan it was converted into a distillery making the first malt whisky in India. 

Madeira is a tribute to the vision of the Jagdale family, credited with creating the first Indian single malt (the result of almost 2 decades of research by Amrut distilleries) and taking indigeous whiskies to the world stage. 

 Amrut whisky, after the malting process undergoes maturation in imported oak barrels for over three years. It is in these oak barrels our coffee beans are aged, left for a period of time to stew in the flavours of Amrut single malt and acquire the piquant notes long associated with the whiskey.