Butterfly Eri Blue

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Tea : Butterfly Blue Pea Tea

Region: Assam 

The unique Tisane produce is mild
with wooden undertone like the fabric
of peace Eri, glides smoothly down
your throat with a smooth flavour. 

Tasting notes: Earthy wooden undertone and middle sweet finish. 

This extraordinary tea derives its name from the exquisite Eri fabric, renowned for its softness and elegance. Just like the fabric, Butterfly Blue Pea Tea captures the essence of grace and tranquility, offering a truly unique and captivating experience.

Hailing from the verdant tea gardens of Assam, Butterfly Blue Pea Tea boasts a distinct flavor profile that reflects the beauty of its surroundings. With each sip, you will be transported to the tranquil landscapes, where lush greenery and serenity prevail. The tea leaves, carefully plucked from the bountiful gardens, have been skillfully processed to preserve their natural essence and create a delicate brew that soothes your senses.

The earthy notes create a harmonious symphony, blending seamlessly with a subtle sweetness that lingers on your taste buds. This delightful concoction leaves a lasting impression, just like the soft touch of Eri fabric against your skin.

Experience the allure of Butterfly Blue Pea Tea - a true embodiment of the Eri fabric's elegance and charm. Let its earthy wooden undertones and gentle sweetness unfold, leaving you with a smooth aftertaste that will linger in your memory. Savor this exceptional tea and embrace the rich tapestry of flavors it has to offer.

Immerse yourself in the legacy of India's fabric heritage with Butterfly Blue Pea Tea - a remarkable infusion that captures the essence of a bygone era.