Caramel Sultanate

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Medium Roast

Region: Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Rich flavour and full-bodied velvety mouth feel with a hint of grape liqueur and muted caramel-y taste.

Tasting notes: Grapes, Liqueur, Caramel


The Delhi Sultanate, which lends its name to this blend, was a mighty and formidable period of Indian History spanning five dy- nasties and more than three hundred years of rule. The Sultanate was notable for its integration of the Indian subconti- nent into a global cosmopolitan culture, quite literally and metaphorically putting us on the map. Likewise, this blend inte- grates a fruity grape liquer flavour with prominent caramel tones. With a velvety mouthfeel this blend is sure to be a hit with any coffee lovers out there.