Kolong Chamomile

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Medium - Dark  Roast

Region: Baba Budangiri, Coorg , Araku , Sakleshpur , Sheveroys 

Starting out strong, this blend hits you with a kick of caffeine and provides the perfect kickstart to your day. Reminiscent of the flavours of roasted almonds and cocoa, it leaves behind a mild taste that doesn’t overpower your palette.

Tasting notes: Roasted Almonds, Cocoa and Chamomile 


Ratio : 80% Arabica , 20% Robusta 


The Kolong River, a tributary of the mammoth Brahmaputra in Assam, was once known to be a raging and dangerously overflowing river. Today, it has been reduced to a fraction of its previous form.

In the same vein the Kolong Chamomile blend hits you with the flavours of roasted almonds and unsweetened cocoa, gradually evening to leave behind a mellow, gentle taste of chamomile.