Kosa Lavender

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Tea : Lavender Black Tea

Region: Darjeeling

Sleeping into smooth vegetal flavor with an aroma of Lavender. The qualities of the tea and silk Kosa complement each other. The malt or Black tea adds strength and zest.

Tasting notes: Floral, Smooth, Sweet and Vegetal Flavour. 

Kosa Lavender Tea - A Harmonious Fusion of Tea and Silk.

Inspired by the delicate Kosa silk, renowned for its lustrous texture and ethereal beauty, this remarkable tea captures the essence of grace and sophistication.

Sourced from the esteemed tea gardens of Darjeeling, Kosa Lavender Tea combines the finest black tea leaves with the delicate essence of lavender. The result is a tea that seamlessly blends the smooth vegetal flavor with the captivating aroma of lavender, creating a truly harmonious fusion of flavors. As you steep a cup of Kosa Lavender Tea, you'll be greeted by the rich, malty undertones that add strength and zest to the brew. 

The flavors intertwine seamlessly, creating a sense of balance and harmony that mirrors the qualities of Kosa silk. Kosa Lavender Tea is a testament to the synergy between the qualities of tea and silk. Just as Kosa silk embodies elegance and finesse, this tea showcases the same qualities, delighting your senses with its refined flavors.