Koyna Indian Filter Coffee

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Variously known as Filter kappi ,Degree Coffee, Meter Coffee, South Indian Filter Coffee has a rich and vibrant history, entwined not just with the history of the country but also families. Interestingly, each moniker carries with it its own tale for how the name came to be. In a similar name, filter coffee recipes differ from family to family and are passed down over generations like well-guarded family secrets. The only thing that remains static is the mantle occupied by the drink in the culture of the south. Interestingly, Indian Arabica coffee, called Mysore Coffee, had carved quite the  niche for itself in the early 1940s European market. Unfortunately with the disruption of trade routes due to the Second World War, it lost the privileged position it enjoyed. 

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Indians will drink anything with milk; and coffee, especially filter kaapi makes a fine pairing with it. Brewed in a unique way, with a dabarah, a tumbler and a vigorous back and forth pouring motion to create copious amounts of froth, the concoction is usually served with breakfast but can be enjoyed throughout the day. 

Region: Chikmagalur, Karnataka 

Ratio : 80% Arabica , 20% Chicory