Muga Black

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Tea : Assam Black Leaf Tea

Region: Assam 

Inspired by the glossy, fine texture of the king of silk, Muga, our unique black tea with a rich malty flavor and earthy undertones leaves behind a mouthfeel of sweet and muted spicy, silk-like taste

Tasting notes: Brisk , Smokey , Earthy , Sweet and Spicy. 


Introducing Muga Black Tea - Embodiment of Silk-like Opulence.

Inspired by the illustrious Muga silk, renowned for its glossy texture and unparalleled beauty, this unique black tea captures the essence of sophistication and grandeur.

Sourced from the revered tea gardens of Assam, Muga Black Tea showcases the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of the region. The hand-picked tea leaves undergo a meticulous process to bring out their full potential, resulting in a brew that is truly exceptional. Just like the Muga silk, this tea exudes an air of elegance and refinement, delighting your senses with each sip.

The first sip reveals a rich malty flavor, reminiscent of the opulence and depth found in the king of silks. As the tea dances on your taste buds, earthy undertones emerge, adding a layer of complexity and grounding the experience. A delightful interplay of sweetness and muted spiciness emerges, akin to the luxurious sensation of silk against the skin.

Experience the essence of India's fabric heritage with Muga Black Tea - a tea that pays homage to the legacy of exquisite fabrics Before British Raj.